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Smithfield is central to Birmingham’s history and future. We want the next chapter of Smithfield to be shaped by the hands of local people.

We are running a major programme of consultation with Birmingham’s communities to gather views and ideas on our emerging plans. We’re using the feedback we receive to develop detailed proposals for the Smithfield masterplan for the whole site and phase one covering the first five years.
We recently held a public event about proposals for the first five years of Smithfield Birmingham.  You can view the plans here and provide feedback at the link below.

Have your say on the first five years of Smithfield Birmingham

You can also view the plans for the masterplan here.

We’re focused on designing a vibrant new home for the iconic Indoor, Open and Rag markets, and want to hear your views on what you’d like to see from the new market.

Have your say on the future of the market


Upcoming events

The Smithfield regeneration will deliver many cultural and leisure attractions to offer a new day out in the heart of the city.

In the meantime, we are committed to using the site for a range of cultural and sporting events to help bring the city together and support local business and trade.

Summer 2022 will see some of the world’s greatest athletes come to Smithfield as Birmingham hosts the Commonwealth Games. New temporary courts in Smithfield will host beach volleyball, basketball and wheelchair basketball events. We are carefully considering other potential events, activities and uses before construction begins.
We also recently appointed a youth panel to gather views from young people across Birmingham’s diverse communities. Over the coming months, we’ll be working with the panel to explore a range of subjects, from green space and wellbeing to leisure, culture and events to determine what they want to see from Smithfield.

We would love to hear your views and ideas about what you’d like to see at Smithfield.  If you want to be involved, have some ideas or you would like to sign up to receive updates about Smithfield, get in touch here


We are at the early stage of plans for Smithfield. The overall development will take many years to go through the planning and construction process and there will be many opportunities to feed in as the plans are developed.

Indicative timeline
  • 2019: Lendlease selected as preferred development partner for Smithfield. Lendlease hosts Big Ideas events and workshops
  • 2021: Lendlease confirmed by Birmingham City Council as development partner for Smithfield
  • 2022: Public consultation on the future of Smithfield; continuing engagement with market traders, landowners and businesses, ahead of the submission of a planning application
  • 2023: Construction begins
  • 2027 onwards: First phase completes and new market opens