Lunchtime workers and students fill the square


Smithfield is an area in Birmingham city centre which includes the former wholesale markets, plus the current Indoor, Open and Rag markets as well as some surrounding land and buildings. It is key to unlocking the potential and growth of the city and long-term economic and social prosperity for the region.

The £1.9bn Smithfield regeneration will be pivotal in the wider, long-term transformation of Birmingham. The rich trading history and the legacy of the iconic Indoor, Open and Rag markets are central to our plans to create a new vibrant market which can thrive for years to come – celebrating the history of Birmingham and its roots as the ‘city of a thousand trades’.

Smithfield has long been home to innovation and a central part of city commerce. We will build on this history and support the area to keep its role at the heart of Birmingham’s economy.

The new market at Smithfield will celebrate Birmingham and be an iconic new centrepiece for the city centre. We want to create an international destination that is a creative and cultural hub, serving local needs and drawing people together.
Smithfield will be a dynamic place with something for everyone. At its heart will be the new market alongside a festival square and new cultural spaces that will allow Birmingham’s musical and artistic communities to come together.

Alongside this will be business and leisure space, including hotels, cafés, restaurants and bars, helping to create a range of new employment opportunities with an estimated 8,000 jobs, as well as training and apprenticeship opportunities.

The plans also include space for over 3,000 sustainable and modern homes in a green setting, supported by a range of community facilities and green space at Smithfield Park, which will improve wellbeing and biodiversity. Major improvements to accessibility will stitch the area into the wider city, including the creation of new and improved walking and cycling routes, as well as a green pedestrian boulevard helping to connect the Bull Ring to the wider city centre and sustainable transport connections.

Working with Birmingham City Council, Lendlease will deliver the project in collaboration with the city’s communities.